A Brief History

Indian Hill Boat Club was started in 1955. The first officers were Lowell Baldwin, President; George Burnette, Vice President; and Louis Earick, Secretary-Treasurer.

The property was leased from Miss Rilla Hull, owner of the Wolcott House, on June 1, 1955. The rental charge was $1.00 per member per month. She requested that the northeast corner of the property not be disturbed, as it was part of an Indian burial plot, which was known as Indian Hill. Hence, the name of the boat club.

The first docks in 1955 consisted of one main section with two stringers, allowing 8 boats to dock. New floating docks were constructed in 1962 and accommodated 12 boats. Steel docks replaced them in 1973, bringing our capacity up to 36 slips.

Our own gasoline pump was installed in 1965. We used 2,182 gallons at 31.9 cents per gallon that year.

In 1984, a 15-ton crane was purchased from the Lathrop company so that the club could be more self-sufficient in handling our docks in and out. A new concrete seawall was installed that year with the help of the new crane.

The tool shed used since 1958 was replaced by a new structure in 1985, which also included restrooms and a kitchen. In the year 2004, under the direction of Commodore Mike Suleski, the old wooden patio was torn down and a new structure of steel and aluminum was erected.

The property was purchased from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in 2001. A fence was installed for safety along the seawall in 2003. In that same year, a new pump out was purchased and installed on the down-river dock.

In 2005, the club celebrated our 50th year of boating and commemorated the milestone with a large engraved granite bolder just off the main plaza.

The vision of a couple members led to the addition in 2007 of a working lighthouse. It shines its light over the club’s pavilion rooftop so it can be seen from the docks.

The club installed a retaining wall at the bottom of the hill to help slow down erosion and to strengthen the patio foundation. We added isinglass to the patio so members can continue to use the deck in foul weather and into the fall. We have also added a fire pit, which is a great feature and used often.

In 2017, our picnic benches were expanded and completely rebuilt with new lumber and fresh paint.

Landscaping is currently underway with wildflowers up on the upper portion of the hill to give the scenery a more natural look.

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